Please note the new details:

  • The March Order has been reversed; Veterans of the latest conflicts will march in front followed by Korea Vets, WW2, WW1 .
  • 39th Bn will form up in SWANSTON ST. East side near St Paul”s (as part of Army 1 Corps) behind the Paratroops as usual. 
  • Please assemble from about 0955, Step off is estimated as 1055 but may be up to 30 minutes early if earlier groups are smaller than expected.
  • Dress code: As the Anzac Day March is an Act of Remembrance and Commemoration, dress should reflect the dignity of the occasion.  Jacket, collar & tie for males, appropriate for women. NO back packs. NO football attire;  NO children under 17 years of age. NO prams, photos or political banners.
  • Association members will MARCH, in step, no chatter, no falling out for photos or interviews, no calling out to people on the sidelines.  Remember why you are here. 
  • Approaching the Shrine, at the order EYES RIGHT, men not in uniform are to remove their hats with the right hand, hold it over their left breast until the order EYES FRONT when their hats will be replaced.
  • Follow the banner until well clear of the Flag Poles and the break off.
  • If in doubt, ASK.