This Nominal Roll was compiled by Carl Johnson and published in
“MUD OVER BLOOD” – Stories from 39th Australian Infantry Battalion 1941 – 1943, Kokoda to Gona
Published by History House – Phone +61 (0) 425 770 230 or

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V125491 VX148320 Pte Walter S Wadley 1 St Kilda
V 44987 VX58098 Pte Clifford L Waight 2 Ascot Vale
V127135 VX151725 Pte Lindsay A Wait C Coy Mont Albert
V57721 VX105411 Cpl Herbert J Wakefield C Coy Merbein
V54650 VX113955 Pte Leonard P Waldron HQ Coy Preston
Q135715 A/Cpl Gordon H Walk 3 Barolin, Qld
VX64233 Pte Guy H Walker 2 Swan Hill
N53345 NX150256 Sgt Thomas H Walker N/A Bondi Junction, NSW
V43706 Cpl Thomas R Walker D Coy Eltham
V126242 L/Cpl James Alfred Wall C Coy Mildura
V125450 Pte Arnold R J Wallace C Coy Footscray
V126130 VX112317 Pte Leonard D Wallace D Coy Leongatha
WX7593 Lt John R Wallder N/A West Perth, WA
V36750 VX136383 Pte A W (Albie) Wallis Bn HQ Prahran
V66882 Pte John Walls B Coy South Yarra
V27886 VX112971 Pte Gerald J Walsh C Coy Flemington
V55646 VX132068 Pte Leo J Walsh E Coy Beechworth
VX33568 Pte George W Walton 3 North Fitzroy
V24376 VX141862 Pte Thomas G Warne B Coy Alexandria
V65169 Pte Francis R Warren HQ Coy Harcourt
V43996 VX118216 Sgt Walter A Warren Bn HQ East Preston
V180219 Pte Donald M Warton HQ Coy Northcote
V335104 Pte Frederick C Warwick Bn HQ Collingwood
V21458 Pte Jack F G Waters E Coy Oakleigh
V59457 Cpl James R Waters E Coy Oakleigh
W41382 Pte David E Watkins N/A Bunbury, WA
VX69263 Pte Norman C A Watkins 2 Regent
N34711 Pte Alan J Watson N/A Leeton, NSW
V36061 A/Sgt Gerry H A Watson HQ Coy Windsor
NX80645 Pte Harold L Watson N/A Willoughby, NSW
V250131 VX148351 Pte Keith G Watson HQ Coy Gunbower
V48133 VX106111 Pte Lancelot R Watson N/A Essendon
V43864 VX129392 L/Cpl Stanley A Watson D Coy Preston
N180296 NX136217 Pte Leslie C Watt N/A Balmain, NSW
V65312 Pte Leonard A Watts E Coy Kyneton
V54767 Sig Lionel M Watts HQ Coy East Preston
N37941 Pte Thomas D Watts N/A Millers Point, NSW
V200286 Pte Thomas H Watts 1 Richmond
W25919 Pte Edward Waugh N/A Manjimup, WA
V125229 Pte Ron J Weakley C Coy Caulfield
N227976 NX152164 Pte James J Weatherall N/A Maroubra, NSW
V215125 VX118217 Pte Leonard G Weaver HQ Coy Aspendale
V37009 VX121938 Pte Herbert Webb HQ Coy Hallston
VX67535 Pte William Webb 2 North Fitzroy
N200083 A/Sgt Richard A Webster N/A Griffith, NSW
V125243 VX147746 Pte Jack Noel Weeding C Coy Wentworth, NSW
V43082 VX113956 Cpl Stan K Weeks HQ Coy Elmshurst
V330027 Pte Arthur C Weight HQ Coy Red Cliffs
Q122841 Pte Harold S West N/A Nundah, Qld
V7585 VX117721 Sgt Ronald C West E Coy Horsham
V57843 VX106112 Pte Thomas J Westhead N/A Mildura
V255947 VX139992 Pte Frederick C Westland N/A Burwood
N255231 NX113283 S/Sgt Richard J Weston N/A West Marrickville, NSW
N168214 NX113276 Pte Glenn P Wetzler N/A Inverell, NSW
V42953 VX106113 Pte William P Wheatley N/A Grantville
V215966 Pte Albert B Whelan HQ Coy Bairnsdale
V48143 VX105412 L/Cpl Kevin F Whelan C Coy Healesville
V55062 VX117108 Lt Maurice D Whelan C Coy Brighton
V240029 Cpl William Whelan 1 St Arnaud
V43732 Pte Wilfred G Whitby 3 Barooga
N265054 Cpl James G White N/A Bombo, NSW
V43486 Pte Thomas B White D Coy Collingwood
N40391 Pte Vincent S White N/A Murrumbateman, NSW
N240124 NX150738 Pte Eric S Whitehead N/A Sutherland, NSW
V48139 VX72483 Pte Norman  A Whitehead E Coy Moonee Ponds
V65982 Cpl Keith E C Whitford E Coy Armadale
V42073 Pte Thomas L R Whitworth HQ Coy Carnegie
VX70018 Pte Robert C Whyte 2 Wallacedale North
V64641 Pte Bernard T Wilkinson A Coy Lake Boga
V37907 VX132163 Pte Howard R J Wilkinson HQ Coy Chelsea
PX11 WO11 Jack D Wilkinson Bn HQ Stawell
V128004 VX103155 WO11 John D Wilkinson D Coy Surrey Hills
V125114 VX105413 Cpl Rudolf E G Wilkinson C Coy Fitzroy
V143329 VX117722 Pte Arthur R Williams A Coy East Coburg
V45655 VX118218 Cpl Charles J Williams HQ Coy Wandiligong
VX120841 Pte Frank H Williams N/A Shepparton
V68239 Pte George E Williams B Coy Footscray
NX77805 Pte Harold G Williams N/A Newtown, NSW
VX71030 Pte Harold L Williams 2 Geelong
V155269 Pte William H Williams 1 Lockhart, NSW
V330028 Pte Charles B A Williamson 1 Shepparton
VX64175 Pte James A Williamson 2 Mornington
N228136 NX152165 Pte Frederick A Willis N/A Botany, NSW
VX68768 Pte Harry Willis 2 Smythesdale
N34711 Pte Alan J Wilson 3 Leeton, NSW
V220027 VX119257 Pte Clarence R Wilson N/A Loch
N217550 NX 14076 A/Cpl Douglas M Wilson N/A Bathurst, NSW
V54653 VX100857 Pte Ernest M Wilson HQ Coy Kew
V65564 VX138412 Sgt Frank A E Wilson HQ Coy South Yarra
V45256 Pte Geoffrey J Wilson E Coy Wodonga
V185319 VX145139 Pte John S Wilson A Coy Williamstown
N227969 Pte William D Wilson D 18 Malabar, NSW
V126123 VX117332 Pte Jack A Wiltshire HQ Coy Mt Eliza
VX68190 Pte Clarence R Winch 2 Richmond
V69607 VX119752 Pte William M Windridge B Coy Brunswick
V43129 L/Cpl Keith G Winther D Coy Reservoir
V155271 VX103156 Pte Paul H Winther E Coy Coburg
V155272 VX118219 Pte John L Wise 1 Caldermeade
Q113385 Pte Eric  F Wisener 3 Rockhampton, Qld
V104391 Pte Jack Withers B Coy Albury, NSW
V55041 VX106114 Cpl Robert R Wolfe N/A Hampton
V42483 VX103152 Sgt Frederick A Wood E Coy Springvale
V43488 Pte Laurence Wood D Coy Resevoir
V220040 VX139926 Pte Neil M Wood 1 Merbein
W41455 Pte Norman P Wood N/A Bunbury, WA
V185321 Pte William J Wood 1 East St Kilda
V68411 VX116509 Pte Adrian M Woodhouse Bn HQ Glenroy
V155275 Pte James W Woods E Coy West Melbourne
V65849 VX132241 Sgt Reginald A Woolcock A Coy Malvern
V41847 VX118220 Pte George F Wootton N/A Hawthorn
V195003 Pte Keith J Worrell A Coy Clifton Hill
V68465 Pte Albert E Wright B Coy Essendon
W80526 Pte Arthur E Wright N/A Mt Helena, WA
V45163 VX100467 L/Cpl George H Wright HQ Coy West Coburg
V185324 VX73308 Pte Wallis M Wright A Coy East Kew
V128072 VX103158 Cpl Jack L Wyld D Coy Bairnsdale
TOS 29/46 Bn, 1943
TOS 1 RTB, 1943. Later 14/32 Bn.
TOS 7 Bn, 1943. Cpl
TOS 6 Inf Bde Tng Bn, 7/12/42
TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43. S/Sgt
Discharged, 27/10/43
TOS 2/3 MG Bn, 1943
Ex 1 ACRC. TOS 2/4 Bn, 22/7/43
TOS 15 Supply Coy, 1942
TOS 36 Bn, 25/5/43
Embarked: Aquatania
Joined At: 25/11/1941
dec Adelaide 01 oct 2006
TOS 3 M/D Ech & Records, 1943
TOS NGF HQ, 20/7/42
Ex 2/28Bn, M/E.TOS 31/5/43.Did not Embark.TOS 2/16 Bn, 3/7/43
TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
TOS ANGAU, 8/12/42
TOS 19 Aust LofC Sigs, 1943
TOS ANGAU, 25/3/42
TOS 10 ADGS, 26/8/43
TOS NG AWW Coy, 25/3/42
TOS 57/60 Bn, 1943
Wounded: 29/8/42 & 14/12/42
Discharged, 17/1/47. Ex 14 Bn, 1st AIF
TOS 19 Ammo Sect, 28/4/42
TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
TOS 7 MG Bn, 2/11/42
Ex 5 Aust Employ Coy. TOS 36 Bn, 25/5/43
Aged 30. No Known Grave
Fatality: KIA 10/8/42
Next of Kin:Mrs Amanda Watkins (Wife)
Ex 30 Bde Tng Bn. TOS 36 Bn, 25/5/43
Wounded: 6/12/1942
RTA, -/1/42. Discharged, 19/2/42
Aged 22. Ex 53 Bn
Fatality: KIA 11/12/42
TOS 36 Bn, 25/5/43
Ex 30 Bde Tng Bn. TOS 2/15 Fld Coy, 19/7/43
Aged 31
Wounded: 17/6/42 (MacDuhie)
Fatality: DOW 18/6/42
Aged 21. Ex 53 Bn
Fatality: KIA 6/12/42
TOS 36 Bn, 25/5/43
Aged 19
Fatality: KIA 28/8/42
Ex 53 Bn. TOS 36 Bn, 25/5/43
TOS 5 Work/Shps, 11/9/43. Discharged 30/10/1943
DOB 01/06/1922 at Horsham
NOK father John Watts
Ex 5 Aust Employ Coy. TOS 36 Bn, 25/5/43
Not TOS after WIA
Wounded: 12/12/1942
Ex 1 Aust Corps. TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43. L/Cpl
TOS 2 Aust Base Postal Unit, 24/2/43
TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
Ex 53 Bn. Not TOS after WIA
Wounded: 12/12/1942
TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
Died Aug 2007
TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
TOS 17 Garr Bn, 20/8/43
Ex 30 Bde Tng Bn. Not TOS after WIA
Wounded: 11/12/1942
Discharged, 30/3/44
Ex 30 Bde Tng Bn. TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
Ex 30 Bde Tng Bn.  RTA, 20/1/43. U/A. TOS 2/1 Bn, 1943
Ex 30 Bde Tng Bn. TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
Ex 53 Bn. TOS 55/53 Bn, 1943
Ex 30 Bde Tng Bn. TOS 2/2 Fld Coy, 28/7/43
Not TOS after WIA
Wounded: 28/08/1942
TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
Wounded: 8/12/1942
Aged 23
Fatality: KIA 22/12/42
Discharged, 9/1/46
TOS 3 Aust Fld Btchy, 23/7/43
Wounded: 9/12/1942
Aged 22. Ex 53 Bn
Fatality: KIA 30/12/42
TOS Army Canteens, 18/5/43
Ex 53 Bn. TOS 55/53 Bn, 1943
Ex 53 Bn. TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
TOS 36 Bn, 25/5/43
Wounded: 26/08/1942
aka Whitfort, K. Discharged, 25/11/43
RTA, 26/7/42
TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
Wounded: 6/12/1942
Discharged, 5/7/44
Discharged, 8/11/45
Ex 1 Aust Cp SuplyCoyME.Attach 39thBn fromANGAU,7/7/42-17/3/43
TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
Aged 20
Fatality: KIA 9/8/42
DOB: 30/12/1917, Bright VIC.
Died: 23/12/2003.
Joined AIF in Port Moresby 23 Oct 1942
Discharged, 26/8/43
probably also 9 Ptn B Coy
Next of Kin: Charles Williams
Ex 30 Bde Tng Bn. TOS 3 Div HQ, 1943
aka Thompson, James J. TOS 14/32 Bn, 1943
Ex 53 Bn. TOS 6 Div HQ, 17/4/43
Wounded: 12/12/1942
Discharged, 29/4/44
Aged 20.
Fatality: KIA 29/8/42
No Known Grave
Next of Kin: Edward & Pauline Williams (Parents)
Discharged, 22/4/45
TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
Ex 1 Aust Corps. TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
Aged 35. Scrub typhus
Fatality: DOI 2/5/43
Discharged, 1/4/46
Ex 30 Bde Tng Bn. TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
Ex NGF MG Bn. TOS 49 Bn, 31/12/42
TOS ANGAU, 19/3/43
TOS 9 Bn, 1943
TOS 7 Bn, 1943
TOS Army Canteens, 21/7/42
Joined At: Port Moresby
Ex 53 Bn. Not TOS after WIA     Hit in spine by burst of m/g fire at Haddy’s Village, became a quadraplegic, was a very good soldier.
Next of Kin: sister only, as an orphan
Wounded: 17/12/1942
TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
Aged 22.
Fatality: KIA 13/8/42
No Known Grave
Next of Kin: Mrs Mary Clare Winch (Wife)
TOS 13 Fld Bky, 8/8/42. DOI 29/3/43
Discharged, 24/3/44
Discharged, 8/3/44
Wounded: 13/08/1942
Aged 21.
Fatality: DOI 13/1/43
Scrub typhus
TOS 36 Bn, 25/5/43
TOS 5 Aust Works Coy, 1942
Ex 30 Bde Tng Bn. TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43
TOS 7 MG Bn, 2/11/42
TOS 36 Bn, 25/5/43
Wounded: 29/08/1942
TOS NGF HQ, 22/1/43
Ex 5 Aust Employ Coy. TOS 5 Aust Employ Coy, 15/2/43
TOS 26 Aust Line Sect, 1943
TOS 30 Inf Bde HQ, 27/10/42. Later 2/1 Fld Amb
TOS 36 Bn, 25/5/43. Later 7 Bn
TOS NGF HQ, 21/7/42
Ex 30 Bde Tng Bn. TOS 37 Bn, 1943. Discharged, 13/3/44
TOS 22 Bn, 1943
RTA, 25/5/42. Discharged, 29/3/43
Ex 5 Aust Employ Coy. TOS 5 Aust Employ Coy, 1943
Discharged, 2/5/46
TOS 9 Div HQ, 1943. Staff Sgt.
TOS 2/2 Bn, 3/7/43. Cpl
Wounded: 6/12/1942
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