Items in BOLD are conducted by the 39th Association. Please contact for more details on any of these events.

Due to CV, most if not all public events will be postponed, cancelled or in a different form this year. We will try to keep this up to date, but keep in touch with your local media. 

Wed 22 April 1100; CANCELLED DUE TO CV Anzac Service for Children, Kokoda Terrace, Dandenong National Park, Fern Tree Gully.  CANCELLED DUE TO CV

Sat 25 April; Dawn Service; no public entry CANCELLED  for the public DUE TO CV;

          Anzac Day March CANCELLED DUE TO CV  Small local services only NO PUBLIC PLEASE

Sat 25 April 1200: CANCELLED DUE TO CV post March lunch with 2/16 & 2/14 Assocs. 

Sun 26 April  1100 AGM followed by Lunch; Postponed to a date to be fixed.

Mon 01 Jun 1300; Kindred Organisations Meeting, (must be a delegate) ??

Sat 08 August; Kokoda Day Football Match at ‘Reid Oval’ 42 Cramer Street Warrnambool. 39 Members welcomed. MORE LATER

Sun 09 August 1400; Kokoda Day Pilgrimage, Shrine of Remembrance Melb. Followed by Afternoon tea.  More laterThe Veterans own day.

Sun 23 Aug 1100; Kokoda/Isurava Memorial Service; Osborne Park Cenotaph, Geelong.

Mon 05 Oct 1300 Kindred Organisations Meeting, (must be a delegate) 04 Collins St Melb.