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Jan 14 2024 BBQ at One Tree Hill

Jan 14 2024 BBQ at One Tree Hill will commence at 1130 with a BBQ. Sausages, onion, bread, sauce, tea, coffee all provided. There will be a short Memorial Service and you are free to inspect the Memorial Panels at the site also the Miniature Kokoda Plateau. Further...

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11 Aug 2024 Kokoda Day Pilgrimage

11 Aug 2024 Kokoda Day Pilgrimage to the Shrine. This is the day and place chosen by the veterans to remember all those who fought and died for our country while wearing the Red and Brown Colour Patch.

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Formation Day Event

Formation Day Social and Remembrance We are proposing to bring back this event at Bacchus Marsh for old times sake....if we can get enough participants. More detiails when they come to hand...... More details on what will happen is up to your suggestions. Check out...

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