Back in 1942, while serving in Port Moresby all sorts of sometimes quite incredulous rumours were passed between soldiers. Quite often the veracity of the rumour was vouched for by the addition of the words’ “I’ll give you the good guts”. Two members of 39th Battalion, Bill Guest and Kevin Grey, went further than this and began hand writing a regular bulletin which they pinned to the trunk of a tree or a tent pole. They called this bulletin The Good Guts.

After the war what better name could be given to the Battalion Association’s Newsletter than this same name? It has progressed from a hand-written bulletin to a roneo production and from that to being photocopied until now it is a glossy magazine produced six times a year. This page will allow you to read some of the more recent issues. 


You will need Acrobat Reader installed in your computer to access these copies but do not despair. Many computers come these days with the programme already installed and, if by chance, it is not already in your computer you can “download it” free of charge HERE. 

Click HERE to Download archived issues of The Good Guts