25 April Anzac Day

25 April Anzac Day

Anzac Day Marches, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and most townships in Australia.


  • Form up: 39th Bn. will form up in COLLINS ST, EAST ON THE SOUTH SIDE (as part of Army 1 Corps)
    • However, look for our banner because the marshals sometimes move our assembly point.
  • Assemble at 0845 am. Step off time is 1000 am, but is likely to change.
  • Dress code: As the Anzac Day March is an Act of Remembrance and Commemoration, dress should reflect the dignity of the occasion. All marchers, veterans and non-veterans, should be suitably attired and keep in mind that this is a March of Remembrance, not a Moomba Parade. Those offering to march must be at least 17 years old (the minimum age of veterans in PNG) and wear a dark jacket with a shirt and a tie or similar for women. We have had the best turned-out marchers for many years, and we know this will be so again this year as well.
    • NO backpacks.
    • NO football attire.
    • NO children under 17 years of age.
    • NO prams.
    • Veterans’ Medals worn by family members should be pinned to the right breast.
    • NO photos or political banners.
  • March behaviour: Descendants and Association members will MARCH in step, with no chatter, no falling out for photos or interviews, and no calling out to people on the sidelines. Remember, the march is a sign of respect. Approaching the Shrine, at the order EYES RIGHT, those not in uniform are to remove their hats with the right hand and hold it over their left breast until the order EYES FRONT, when their hats will be replaced.
  • Dismissal: After the unit passes the Saluting Base at the Shrine, please follow the banner until well clear of the Flag Poles and dismissed by the President. Please DO NOT just break off on your own initiative.
    • Banner Bearers 2024: This year, Camberwell Grammar School Cadets will again carry the banner.
    • 39th AIF Tree Ceremony: Following dismissal, we will be holding a small ceremony at the 39th AIF tree and lay a wreath for the 39th AIF and the 39th Battalion.
  • Post-March get-together: The 2/16th Battalion Association has extended an invitation to all 39th members and family to join descendants of the 2/14th and 2/27th Battalions following the ANZAC Day march at the Rising Sun Hotel, 2 Raglan Street, South Melbourne. This is a great get-together opportunity for the three Battalions, so do try to be there

    39th Battalion AIF 1916-1919

    2024 Anzac Day Arrangements Once again, we are approaching Anzac Day. There will likely be large crowds at the Melbourne March this year, so if you are coming to march with the 39th’s Banner please try to be early. The assembly area will be in Flinders St. East on the South Side, down from St Pauls Cathedral.

  • Form up time is 10:00, so the WW1 groups may be stepping off after 11 am. This year, our banner will be carried by a cadet from Camberwell Grammar School.
  • Please be early. Once we start marching, you are not permitted to join the group from the sidelines. The day before Anzac Day this year, the 24th, will be the 105th anniversary of the disbanding of the 39th AIF.
  • After the march, we will assemble on the grass at the 39th’s tree to lay a wreath at the plaque and join the 39th Infantry Battalion (WW2) to place both 39th banners together. The tree is directly behind the three large flag poles on the east side of the Shrine forecourt.
  • Please come and join us. Hoping to see you all on Anzac Day

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